Prohibition: birth of a myth

As legal consumption came to an end, the myth of the prohibited drink and underground trafficking started to emerge. After it was banned, the Val-de-Travers continued to produce illegal absinthe, known as "cow's milk" or "tiger milk", that distillers, soon known as "resisters", sold all over Switzerland and elsewhere. This absinthe, which delighted fans of the drink and enjoyed plenty of media coverage, was produced until 2005, the date on which the Green Fairy was freed in Switzerland. While absinthe continued to be discreetly served in the back room of bars, it became official history in museums, firstly in Môtiers and then Pontarlier and Auvers-sur-Oise, and since 1983 books on absinthe have proliferated under the pens of specialists and collectors such as Marie-Claude Delahaye, Benoît Noël and Pierre-André Delachaux.