Surprising finds from a fire

11 August 1901. Pontarlier's largest distillery, the Pernod distillery, is ablaze. The vats of alcohol could turn into lethal bombs!

The Mitterrand soufflé

When absinthe was banned, a Swiss restaurant owner was brought to trial for daring to serve a "Fairy Iced Soufflé" to President Mitterrand during an official visit (1983).

The green hour

Absinthe consumption peaked around 1900 and was present on every table at aperitif time, renamed "the green hour".

Absinthe recipe from Môtiers

Discover the recipe of Georges Matthey-Claudet. A "resister" from the Val-de-Travers and coppersmith in the village of Môtiers, he specialised in making banned stills and the Green Fairy ...

Military absinthe

It was only from 1830 that absinthe consumption really took off, thanks to the unintentional support of French colonial troops.