The Mitterrand soufflé

More amusing perhaps is the following anecdote linked to the official visit of François Mitterrand, President of the French Republic.

In 1983 (when absinthe was still banned), Pierre Aubert, President of the Swiss Confederation, invited his French counterpart to a meal in Neuchâtel. The chef of the Hôtel du Peyrou where the banquet took place devised a menu with a desert that would result in a mini political earthquake: an iced soufflé featuring the Green Fairy!

- What will you put in your desert? asked a television journalist.

- Absinthe, answered the chef.

An answer that took a tenth of a second would result in a trial lasting two years!

In some senses the presence of the Green Fairy at an official dinner marked her arrival in the world of politics... Weary of the trial, in front of the judges the chef claimed that it was not in fact absinthe but simply a commonplace pastis. Nevertheless, François Mitterrand, during another visit to Switzerland, asked Pierre Aubert: "Is that business of the absinthe finally over?"


Source : Pierre-André Delachaux - Lettres à un amateur d’absinthe . 2002