Medical absinthe


The medicinal and therapeutic virtues of wormwood for digestive problems have been recognised since ancient times, but it is also useful for other complaints...


A little anthology of "remedies" from yesteryear:

- To rid children of worms: if the child is not too young give him sweet milk in which wormwood leaves have been boiled and place wormwood leaves on his chest. (Origin: Ile-et-Vilaine, 1898)


- To bring down a fever: bleeding and purging is possible before applying the suggested remedy: jalap ½ ounce, quina 2 ounces, salt of tartar 2 drams, salt of absinthe 2 drams, rhubarb 1½ drams, salt of lesser centaury 2 drams. After pounding all the ingredients, mix with five or six ounces of wild chicory to produce a medecine that should be taken on five consecutive days, even the day of the fever, four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. Follow each dose with a little meat stock to thin down. Do not eat for two hours after each dose. (Origin: Loire et Cher, 1945)


- Removal of fleas: if there are fleas in an apartment, place a few pinches of wormwood on one's tights or on the mattress. (Courrier de la Montagne, Pontarlier, 1893).


- Method for killing bedbugs and their eggs: dissolve a handful of wormwood and two or three grams of bitter gourd in a litre of water. Add thirty grams of soap. Rub the bed frame with it. (L’ouvrier, 10 September 1895).