Primary objectives

1 - Promote a common cultural and economic heritage

2 - Offer an original, high-quality tourism product

3 - Ensure the protection and recognition of Jura absinthe

4 - Support the activities of the absinthe industry


Tourism, economic and identity-related outcomes targeted


Create and develop an original tourism product:

- involvement of tourism, catering, hotel and retailing professionals

- membership of the organisation Pays de l'Absinthe and training programmes

- economic impact for these partners (new customers, etc.)


Support and extend the absinthe industry:

- by setting up networks and structures linking those involved in the industry

- through promotion of the product, know-how and culture


Make the area a role model for tourism initiatives, develop the identity of the area


Actions : mark and promote the Trail

graphic charter

tourism brochure


illustrated report

promotional stand

training programmes

trail signage

heritage signage

feasibility study on the creation of a future absinthe centre